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How to Write a Short Story: Tips

Do you want your readers to feel an uninterrupted from the fictional world with your short story? There is a standard list of rules for short stories that most writers follow.

Think thoroughly about the plot.

Decide on how will the short story goes, think of the morally significant actions of the character, the unexpected consequences or twists of the story, the details and the tone of the story. Explore your motivations, determine what your story will put a hold on your readers, stick to the core message.

The reader’s attention should be caught up with the plot of the story.

Create a catchy title for your short story.

Creating a catchy title can be the most difficult task of writing a story, however, it is one of the most important. Make your readers wonder with the story title.

Use a few characters and focus on one point of view.

A short story cannot afford to have more than one character. Be creative enough to characterize the protagonist of your story, and minimally describe the other characters. Since you only have one or two protagonists, use only one point of view to prevent your story from being complicated.

Outline the setting of the story.

Write down the location of the story and what is the significance of the setting in the story. This can give the readers the direction and a sense of purpose of your short story.

Limit the time frame of the story.

There are some short story who jumps around in time, however, if you limit the time frame of your story it can make a bigger chance of success. It does not fit to cover a long period of years in a short story. When you limit the time frame of the story, it can give you more chance to focus on the events that are in your narrative.

Be selective.

The short story definitely needs discipline and editing. Each of the line in the narrative should contain a gist that can build the character or advance an action. If it does not result in any of those, it will not work.

Follow conventional story structures.

We already know what conventional structure is, don’t we? Although a short story cannot contain every element of the story, remember a story should roughly be composed of exposition, conflict, rising action, climax, and denouement.

Rewrite for clarity and structure.

A revised and polished story increases the chance of your story to be published. The expectations set up on the first page will be dealt, some insignificant information will be cut off.

Always remember that with any type of writing, the exposition and denouement of the story are the most important parts. Make sure that the first line and the last line of the story will make a huge impact on the readers.

With all these steps, keep in mind that the most important one is how you deliver your story. If there is an instance that to make your story exemplary, you have to break the rules, break it.

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