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Fiction Writing

Fiction writing is a composition made up of non-factual sequential facts from the imagination of the author. The fictional story is often written to entertain and convey the point of view of the author.

Although fiction can be expressed in a variety of formats, it is commonly referred to the narrative forms of literature.

The author writes the story out of his or her imagination and makes up the characters, the storyline, the plot twist, the dialogue, and other times the setting.

This kind of writing does not claim any factual stories. However, it immerses us onto experiences that we cannot experience in our lifetime, it tries to introduce us to people we can never meet, and places we cannot visit.

Fiction may just be an imagination, but it can inspire us, intrigue us, scare us, and engage us into new ideas.

To sum it up, it is regarded as the exact opposite of non-fiction, of which authors assume responsibility for engaging historical and factual truths in their writing.

However, there is a distinction between fiction and non-fiction in the postmodern literature that has become unclear.

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