3/12: A short personal essay on parenthood, fiction, and memory is up at TROP.

1/25: Happy news: COFFIN has been named a fiction finalist for the Minnesota Book Award!

12/26: Great news to end the year: COFFIN is a finalist for the the John Leonard Prize (an award for the best first book in any genre, awarded by the National Book Critics Circle).

12.25: Two-sentence (super short) holiday fiction up at

11.19: New short story “Family, Happiness” up at Revolver

9.30: An essay on quitting, and not quitting, featuring The Shining and Conan the Barbarian, up on The Story Prize Blog

8.22: Nice review from the Courier Journal: “a promising debut from a young writer: ambitious in subject matter and style, and nearly always reaching a perfect dark-comic pitch.”

7.8: Nice feature in MINNPost (I’m going to miss Minneapolis)

7.5: I had fun putting together a playlist for the always awesome Large Hearted Boy’s Book Notes series

7.4: July 4th! COFFIN makes for some recommended reading at CNN!

7.3: Nice mention from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (speed-dating short fiction!)

7.1: Thoughtful review up at the wonderfully named The Coffin Factory

7.1: Lovely review in BSCENE Magazing

6/4: A day-making review by Lindsey Silken at The Rumpus: “Rutherford has found a crack in today‚Äôs literature, a space where something moving could be done, and let the light shine in.”

6/1: A nice review from the Cleveland Plain Dealer

5/29: A lovely, brief mention in The New York Times (!)

5/22. My recommendations for the Best Books (and a few movies )of the Sea have gone live at Flavorwire.

5/18. Over at the NPR Books site, I wrote about the short stories of Daphne du Maurier (and how awesome they are).

5/15: A wonderful review in The Fiddleback. This one was a day-maker.

5/5. A great review the Star Tribune: “This is a beautiful book about human suffering, about human quandaries. It is also about bravery, history, love, longing, scientific and sexual exploration and the seasons of the year, principally summer and winter. A peripatetic coffin can, like the H.L. Hunley, be a ‘sealed iron tub,’ or it can be a schooner trapped in sea ice, or even the adult mind recalling what happened between two boys many years before.”

5/2. Flavorpill lists “The Peripatetic Coffin” as one of 10 New Must-Reads for May.

5/1. Delta Sky magazine calls “The Peripatetic Coffin” a “masterful debut”. If you’re flying Delta in May, turn to page 38.

4/22. Beach Reading! “The Peripatetic Coffin” has been selected by Publishers Weekly as one of their “Best Summer Books of 2013” and also received a starred review.

4/15. “The Peripatetic Coffin” has been long-listed for the Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award! Information here.

4/1. “Dirwhals!” (the final story in The Peripatetic Coffin) is being serialized over at Five Chapters. Check it out: Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3, Pt. 4, Pt. 5

3/25. Good news! The Peripatetic Coffin has been selected by Barnes & Noble for their Discover Great New Writers program (Summer 2013).