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How to Get a Short Story Published

When we decided to write a fictional short story. Endless ideas rise for the plot of the story. However, you should still take some of the cues to know any of our suspicions.

As a newly bloomed writer, you hear a lot of advice. Today, let me discuss with you how to get your short story published, and clearly explain the process is done.

Getting your short story published in a reputable literary journal can be a great way for you to get promoted to a fiction writer. Quick side note,  Easy Street Print was a company we used for our stories, and since they’re both a printer and publisher it made the process a lot easier. They worked for us, but we encourage you to shop around for publishers that fit your need.

Published short stories can help you build an author platform as a fiction writer; it can give you an opportunity to get paid for the short stories; and nonetheless, it can give you the opportunity to win awards or cash prizes through some of the short story contests.

Do not send out stories too much, you might get rejections. Here are some of the rules to abide when you plan to submit your written short story:

  1. Read thoroughly the submission guidelines. This is to ensure that you are submitting your short story to the appropriate publication.
  2. Do not submit to a magazine or journal that you have not read at least one issue from. This is to know the tone of their publication and to decide whether or not your written short story suits.
  3. Do not forget to include a cover letter. Insert a cover letter for your story that briefly describes the plot of the short story. It can be as short as 25 words that explains who the main character is, and what the conflict is about. Remember to keep your cover letter short! This is not a synopsis.
  4. If you want, you can include a short biography about yourself. Make your biography short and modest, let us keep the main focus on the short story.
  5. Address the cover letter to the editor by name. Make a thorough research, to avoid mistakes and misspelling the name of the editor.
  6. Do not forget to take note of the word count of your short story.
  7. Avoid the usage of fancy fonts or typefaces for your short story.
  8. Make your story more interesting. Avoid using some story cliché.
  9. Use simple dialogue tags. Dialogue tags are not boring, just make it simple to avoid drawing attention away from the short story.
  10. Be careful with the modifiers. Short stories use adjectives and adverbs. When using these modifiers, do not forget about the rules.

If you are caught up in publishing your short story, DO NOT GIVE UP. Writing and publishing are difficult, but let your work come to shore. Instead, strengthen your writing style and do not ever assume that you are an advanced writer to learn more.

Take a break at times, even if you are working on a long project, it can help you think of better ideas. Grab the opportunity to marinate and let your ability go. Check out our homepage for more tips on writing short stories.

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